Christmas Gifts Delivery - Saturday, 12-19-09

CVSA Toy Donations
Tired Santa
In November CVLPOA identified twenty local families who were in need and were provided with Thanksgiving dinners. This month another twenty families with young children have been selected to receive Christmas gifts.

Every year CVLPOA has made an effort to bring Christmas to children in the valley who
for a variety reasons. Generally CVLPOA locates families through the help of local Law Enforcement. Police Officers often times come across families who are struggling to make ends meet and that is when an organization like CVLPOA can step in and help make a difference.

Each year CVLPOA selects a grade school in the Coachella Valley and asks teachers from that school to assist with identifying families who are in need of help. CVLPOA would like to express their sincere thanks for the toys that have been donated by employees at Indio Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department-Indio Station and Court Services, California Department of Corrections-Blythe Prisons, and Coachella Valley Security Services.

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